crossview360 Solution for management Performance Evaluations, Training and Outplacement processes.

It is a web application that allows the management of 360 ° Performance Evaluation (the use of the boss and his boss resource). Complementary processes provides training and support both a separation as in the outplacement of staff.

This system was designed for both HR Managers of companies and specialized HR Consultants .

Features covered

  • Definition and types of programs
  • Activity Management
  • Ongoing program management
  • Assigning Companies and Participants
  • Exclusive access consultants
  • Export to Excel
  • Search and filters
  • Progress reports and reports graphics
  • Integration with social networks (Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin )
  • Integration with institutional websites

Management and Administration Portal

  • Control Panel and reports
  • Business Management Consultants and Participants
  • Administration Countries, Cities , Provinces
  • Managing users and roles
  • Administration Language
  • Management business units and areas