infoiProveedores® Web portal for managing Suppliers

It is a comprehensive solution that enables document management between suppliers and the company, creating visibility and self-management.

Its data source generated Purchase Orders transactions or ERP (SAP , Oracle CC & B or Custom made ) .

From the same vendor can create your Production Order or services as appropriate, the allocation of all or part of each OC merchandise associated aggregation Delivery Notes , income and receipt of invoices ( by states) and management of payment and collection of the same , either by indication of availability of bank checks / company or the transaction record electronic transfer.

Features covered

  • Entry system (integration with LDAP, AD or own security)
  • Dashboard (holistic view of the process)
  • Purchase Order Management (integration with ERPs)
  • Invoice Management (integration with Taxes Agencies)
  • Payment Management (banks Integration)
  • User profile
  • Reports and Graphs

Management and Administration Portal

  • Portal Control Panel and reports
  • Managing user menus
  • Dynamic content management
    • Business
    • Countries , Provinces , Cities
    • items
    • Data export
  • User management and profiles