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Compellent SC8000 Storage Controller

Compellent Storage SC8000: Datacenter SAN

Dell Compellent SAN high-performance , efficient and expandable. Improve performance , efficiency and scalability of the storage controller Storage Center Dell Compellent SC8000 new generation . The cab driver with the latest Intel® architecture provides enhanced performance and 2U density . The multi- front system offers a choice of options mixed simultaneous use of iSCSI , Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE ).

Technical characteristics


Each system supports 32 GB or 128 GB of memory (16 GB or 64 GB per controller).
Each system supports up to 960 SAS drives in the storage array.
Each chassis SAS 3.5 “SAS supports up to 12 units.
Each chassis 2.5 “SAS supports up to 24 SAS drives.


Two (2) core Intel processors sixfold to 2.5 GHz per controller


Front Connectivity
Fibre Channel (4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB), iSCSI (1Gb and 10 Gb) and FCoE (10 Gb)
SimultáneaNúmero interface support up to front ports
16 Fibre Channel 10 1Gbit iSCSI 10 iSCSI 10Gb FCoE and 10 per controller. NOTE: The SC8000 controller supports up to 16 ports with optional front FC E / S SAS ports and 4 rear end bajo.Conectividad profile
SAS (3Gb and 6Gb), Fibre Channel (2Gb, 4Gb and 8Gb) Maximum end ports
16 (Fibre Channel) * 20 (SAS) per controller. NOTE: No ports SATA, SATA and FC chassis are connected to the I / S * BC8 The expansion chassis Fibre Channel and SATA connect the SC8000 through an expansion card I / S Fibre Channel..

Interface units

SAS and nearline SAS drives. Also compatibility with existing SATA and Fibre Channel drives Compellent.
You can combine different types of units, transfer rates and rotational speeds in the same system.

Supports RAID 0, 5, 6, RAID 10 and RAID 10 DM (double mirror) In a single Storage Center can be any combination of RAID levels.
Within a cabin may have different levels at the same level RAID storage.

Storage Controller

Rack Size: 2U
Height: 87.3 mm (3.44 “)
Width: 482.4 mm (18.98 “) with rack latches
444 mm (17.08 “) without rack latches
Depth: 755.8 mm (29.75 “) with the housing
Weight: 19.73 kg (43.5 lbs) Rack Support
Static guides ReadyRails ™ II systems allow mounting in four post racks with square or unthreaded round hole without tools, and four-post racks with screw holes with tools.
Operating Environment

SC8000 controller:

Food: two redundant 750 W power with 80 Plus® Platinum certification
Maximum power consumption: 425 WDisipación heat (maximum): 1450 BTU / horaTemperatura of operation: 10-35 ° C (50-95 ° F)
Resting temperature: -40 to 65 ° C (-40 to 149 ° F)
Operating humidity range (non-condensing) 20 to 80%
Rest humidity range (non-condensing): 5 to 95%
Input Type. NEMA 5-15 / CS22.2, No. 42
Emissions / Security


Compliance with FCC Class A; EN55022, Class A; EN 61000-3-2 / -3-3; CISPR 22, Class A; EN55024 / CISPR 24; (EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8 and EN 61000-4-11) ; EN60950 / IEC 60950. Included in the UL (USA), cUL (Canada), TUV (Germany), CE (Europe) certification lists.
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General information

Greater flexibility

It helps extend their investments in storage solutions Compellent Storage Center. Flexible storage options that include withstand optimized solutions that offer price flash disk, enable your data center grows smoothly and without resorting to massive updates.
Interconnects front iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).
Controls the drive cage FC and SAS, including those with SSD read and write intensive SLC, MLC and TLC formats

Expandable up to 960 SAS drives in multiple chassis per dual controller system and provides scalable to various systems in many places, monitored from a single console.
It integrates seamlessly with FS8600 NAS appliance to enjoy file storage solutions and fully interoperable blocks.
Improved performance and density
Enjoy the combined benefits of Dell Compellent architecture and rugged hardware design Dell offers improved performance and increased memory capacity compared to previous generations of Dell Compellent controllers.

2U rack chassis with two Intel Xeon E5-2640 CPU to sixfold to 2.5 GHz (with Turbo technology) core.
16 GB to 64 GB total available cache per controller, with a maximum of 128 GB per dual controller. It needs a configuration with two controllers to use the full high-availability and failover capabilities in production environments.

Six expansion slots compatible with PCIe Gen3 to extend the capabilities of E / S with a view to future growth.
Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC7 Enterprise) to add capacity for environmental monitoring and hardware to the Storage Center solution.

Compatibility with 64-bit operating system Storage Center can offer a performance and improved capacity expansion.
Improved software that protects your data and power
Storage Center 6.5 ensures simplified management, excellent security and high availability network. The recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) is less than 5 minutes, thereby improving business continuity and reduce overall costs.
Static data encryption with self-encrypting drives (SED)
Synchronous and asynchronous replication with Live Volume
VLAN tagging multiple
FIPS 140-2 Certification
Manual failover and recovery

Simple software updates and perpetual software licenses favor a smooth and uniform growth.
Enables the Dell Compellent Storage Center reaches performance levels above 300,000 IOPS.
Get more than 100,000 IOPS with less than one millisecond when executing workloads of online transaction processing latency.
Dynamic Capacity thin provisioning allows a virtual volumes of any size without consuming physical capacity until data is written to disk.
Data Instant Replay ensures that, once an initial snapshot of a volume is made, you only need to capture the incremental changes that are recorded in the data.

Data Progression can write blocks of data assets in tier 1 storage, while automated migrates inactive data blocks to lower storage levels with great protection.
Fast Track puts data in the right track of individual hard drives in the drive cage.
Enterprise Manager simplifies network storage management by providing a single, centralized console to manage multiple local and remote Storage Center SAN.

Remote Instant Replay provides continuous data protection by replicating only the incremental changes of these after the initial site synchronization. This replication method light helps control spending on hardware.
Live Volume allows you to move and share storage volumes between two independent systems without causing disruptions.

Expansion of new generation
Increase your capacity and create a complete solution Dell hardware with the new generation Expansion Chassis Storage Center SC200, SC220 and SC280 and the SC220 optimized solutions for flash.

A 2U SAS and 6Gb that supports up to 12 hard drives and SSD 3.5 “. Each drive bay can be configured individually in terms of speed and capacity. It also has two power supplies 700 W fully redundant and hot-swappable modules and two chassis management 6Gb SAS for redundancy.

A 2U SAS and 6Gb that supports up to 24 hard drives or SSD 2.5 “. This chassis also supports options of hybrid and all flash flash multiplying by two the price advantage compared to hybrid solutions of other competitors and approximately five times the price advantage over solutions fully flash in direct competition. Each drive bay can be configured individually in terms of speed and capacity. It also has two power supplies 700 W fully redundant and hot-swappable and two management modules 6Gb SAS chassis for redundancy.

Compellent SC220 Storage Enclosure

Compellent SC220 Storage Enclosure

Mezcle las velocidades de transmisión y capacidades dentro de cada recinto

Technical characteristics

Technical Highlights

  • Expansion Enclosure
    Interface Speed:
    6 Gb/s SAS
    Drive Support:
    Intermixed Drive Capacities:
    Max Number of Drives per Enclosure:
    SC200: 12
    SC220: 24
    Max Number of Drives per Array:
    Redundant and Hot-swappable Power Supplies:


  • Scalability:
    SC200: Each 3.5″ SAS enclosure holds up to 12 SAS drives.
    SC220: Each 2.5″ SAS enclosure holds up to 24 SAS drives.
    SC200: 48T per 2U
    SC220: 38.4TB per 2U
    8.7cm (3.43 inches)
    48.2cm (18.98 inches)
    SC200: 59.4cm (23.39 inches)
    SC220: 54.1cm (21.30 inches)
    28.39 kg (62.6 lb) (maximum configuration)
    8.84 kg (19.5 lb) (empty)
    23.31 kg (51 lb) (maximum configuration)
    8.61 kg (19 lb) (empty)
    700W (Power Supply Rating), 450W maximum draw
    Heat Dissipation:
    2,389 BTU/hr (at 700W)
    1,536 BTU/hr Max
    2,389 BTU/hr (at 700W)
    1,621 BTU/hr Max
    100-240 VAC, auto sensing
    50/60 Hz
    8.6 A at 100 V, 4.3 A at 240 V
    3.5” SSD Drives
    200GB, SAS, 6Gb, SSD
    400GB, SAS, 6Gb, SSD3.5” SAS Drives
    450GB, SAS, 6Gb, 15K HDD
    600GB, SAS, 6Gb, 15K HDD
    2TB, SAS, 6Gb, 7.2K HDD
    3TB, SAS, 6Gb, 7.2K HDD
    4TB, SAS, 6Gb, 7.2K HDD
    6TB, SAS, 6Gb, 7.2K HDD3.5” Fibre Channel
    300GB Fibre Channel15K
    600GB Fibre Channel 15K
    2.5” SSD Drives
    200GB, SAS, 6Gb, SSD
    400GB, SAS, 6Gb, SSD (write intensive SLC for Flash-optimized solutions)
    1.6TB SSD (read intensive MLC for Flash-optimized solutions)2.5” SAS Drives
    146GB, SAS, 6Gb, 15K HDD
    300GB, SAS, 6Gb, 15K HDD
    600GB, SAS, 6Gb, 10K HDD
    900GB, SAS, 6Gb, 10K HDD
    1TB, SAS, 6Gb, 7.2K HDDRack:
    ReadyRails™ II static rails for tool-less mounting in 4-post racks with square or unthreaded round holes or tooled mounting
    Maximum Power Draw:
    74 amps
General information

Effective, reliable Dell Compellent expansion

Seamlessly scale capacity of Dell Compellent Storage Center with the latest generation enclosures SC200 and SC220 expansion. Based on Dell hardware they have the quality, reliability and efficiency you expect from Dell enclosures and storage units. For additional space savings in high-capacity environments, we now offer dense SC280 enclosure.

Choose 3.5 “(SC200) and 2.5” options (SC220) HDD into a 2U chassis with SSD support.
Select a solution of high performance, flash-optimized with the SC220 and up to 24 single-level cell writing-intensive (SLC) SSD or a combination SLC SSDs write-intensive, intensive reading, mobile multi-level (MLC ) SSD and the rotating disk.
Mix drive speeds and capacities within each enclosure.
It supports up to 960 SAS drives for back-end assembly.
High speed of 6Gbps SAS interface
Help lower energy requirements with 80 Plus Silver certified, power 700W redundant hot swappable power supplies.
Protect your data through system failures technology1 cooling with fresh air within the SC200 and SC220 enclosures.
It helps reduce operating expenses with data center environment-cooler less.
Compatible with Dell Compellent SC8000 and Series 40 controllers and require Storage Center 6.2 or higher.
SC200 Enclosure

A 2U expansion enclosure, 6Gb SAS supports up to 12x 3.5 “floppy capacity can mix high-speed high-capacity drives.

Supports 7,200 rpm to 15,000 rpm hard drives and more 200GB2 400GB2 SSD.
It provides up 48TB2 maximum accommodation capacity expansion.
Modules enclosure management features dual 6Gb SAS.
SC220 Enclosure

2U enclosure, supporting 6Gb SAS to 24x 2.5 “HDD or flash options and hybrids all flash to allow a wide combination of storage options in a single chassis.

Supports 7,200, 10,000 rpm and 15,000 rpm drives more 200GB2, 400GB2 and 1.6TB2 SSD.
Flash optimized SC220 Storage Center 6.4 firmware can tier SLC SSDs through write-intensive, lower-cost, high-capacity, intensive reading, MLC SSD in a single solution.
It provides up 38.4TB2 maximum accommodation capacity expansion.
Modules enclosure management features dual 6Gb SAS.
Global Support Services

Dell Services can help reduce IT complexity, lower costs and eliminate inefficiencies by making IT and business solutions work harder for you. The Dell Services team provides distinctive capabilities, including support passenger and optimization, as well as comprehensive data migration solutions to facilitate consolidation from multiple file systems. Dell takes a holistic view of your needs and designs solutions for your environment and business objectives, and using established delivery methods, local talent and detailed knowledge to help reduce total cost of ownership rule.

PowerVault NX3300 Storage System

PowerVault NX3300 Storage System

Integrated and efficient clustering high availability clusters. The storage system PowerVault NX3300 network connection is ready for use in clusters and provides efficient integration and high availability implementation to simplify data management. Function single-instance storage (SIS) Distributed File System (DFS) and Resource Manager File Services (FSRM). iDRAC7 and Dell OpenManage Management Console (DMC). Intel® Xeon® E5 2600.

General information

NAS improved

The Dell Storage storage appliances offer NX use and simple management through a central management interface known for freelance or cluster configurations:

Preinstalled operating system to facilitate implementation
Optimized for file serving conWindows Storage Server 2012 R2
Clustering capabilities using the NX3330
PowerEdge platforms

Expect high speed and efficiency thanks to the NAS appliances created from the technology of the 13th generation of servers PowerEdge rackmount.

The latest generation of multicore Intel Xeon processors
Up to 32 GB of memory and 72 TB of total capacity (NX3230)
Options SAS, SAS-NL and SATA drives
NAS gateway option

Take booths additional SAN for massive foreign expansion by installing the optional NX3330 solution as a NAS gateway. Get support clustering of up to 64 nodes from the cluster shared use (CSV) when connected to storage arrays Dell Compellent, EqualLogic or PowerVault MD3 volumes.
Easy management

Spend less time managing data and further development of your company by using Microsoft System Center and Remote Desktop for Administration in Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, or Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC7) function Enterprise Edition to manage your data. In addition, you can use resources effectively and optimize NAS capacity disk space with integrated on Dell Storage NX range, including:

Reduplication data
Thin Provisioning
Synchronization capabilities DFS-R in all network connections limited bandwidth in distributed environments and remote offices
Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for SMB file shares, allowing backup operations from using snapshots of shared files compatible remote server applications based on SMB resources
Upgraded OS

The Dell Storage NX range has the Windows® Storage Server 2012 R2 software and delivers the performance and versatility of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 on the NAS appliances. It includes:

The latest features of SMB 3.0 compatible with Hyper-V and SQL Server
Continuous availability and clustering with failover clustering NFS and iSCSI
Automatic detection and use of multiple network connections between the server and the client SMB
Global services and support

Dell Services Services help decrease the complexity of computer technology, reduce costs and eliminate inefficiencies by making IT and business solutions work at a higher rate. The Dell Services team offers distinctive capabilities, including full data migration solutions are included to facilitate consolidation from various file systems. Dell takes a holistic view of your needs and designs for your environment and business objectives solutions; at the same time, he uses the methods of delivery settled, local talent and in-depth industry knowledge to help reduce total cost of ownership.